Since 1993, I’ve designed and taught digital design and career development curriculums, for designers, illustrators and animators, at the following institutions, among others: the Center for Electronic Art and San Francisco State University, San Francisco; The Graduate School, Washington D.C.; The Cooper Union for Science and the Arts, Marymount College, Hunter College, and Touro University in New York.

In my courses, technology takes a back seat to the design process. My students are firmly grounded in concept development, prototyping, critical thinking, collaboration, and user testing, through hands-on, project-based classes which meet real-world objectives. A great source of satisfaction is how much I am also learning through research and working with students.

My goals are to teach students how to brainstorm and find a starting point for inspiration, thoroughly plan their project, use current design tools to produce their project, work as members of a team, and exercise quality control.

My job is to provide constructive feedback, demonstrate alternative approaches to solving the design challenge, and leave them with enough knowledge and experience to go further on their own.

I love watching the light go on.