about the work

They tell a story, or part of a story. For example, Brooklyn Reverie was inspired by a reflection in a dark car window, and also illustrates a poem. The Deluge and The Last Boat were inspired by a dream about catastrophe. Fear of Falling represents both a "fear of flying" and "fear of failing." It alludes to a common fear that plagues creative people that they are either crazy or frauds. 

I'll let you create your own stories about the rest.  

These paintings are created in oil paint on canvas, and average 3x4 feet. If a caption includes "collage study," you can probably find the study for that painting in my Collage gallery. A few have been re-created as digital paintings, for a variety of reasons — to challenge myself, or to improve on the composition or level of detail. You can see them in the Digital Paintings gallery.

(*) An asterisk indicates that the painting has been sold.